Italian Meal Pack

Italian Meal Pack

Enjoy the flavor of robust Italian-American cuisine with these scrumptious meal recipes presented with simple instructions that your readers will eat right up.

Download ten tasty Italian recipes and ten professionally written articles. Included in this pack are recipe ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and vivid photos of the process and finished products, including one Pinterest-friendly graphic for each recipe. Recipe pack costs only $20.

Only 50 of these packs will ever be sold!

36 packs left

Step-by-step recipes including graphics for:

  1. Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli (582 words, 16 photos)
  2. Chicken Marsala (1,009 words, 11 photos)
  3. Italian Meatballs with Creamed Spinach (534 words, 12 photos)
  4. Spaghetti and Meatballs (693 words, 9 photos)
  5. Lasagna (485 words, 7 photos)
  6. Baked Cherry Tomatoes & Feta (101 words, 5 photos)
  7. Braised Beef Short Ribs (448 words, 6 photos)
  8. Chicken Parmigiana (836 words, 12 photos)
  9. Mozzarella Bruschetta (93 words, 9 photos)
  10. Tortellini Soup (319 words, 2 photos)

Professionally written articles:

  1. Essential Equipment for a Great Italian Kitchen (518 words)
  2. Herbs – Fresh or Dried? Which Is Best for Italian Cooking? (460 words)
  3. How to Choose the Right Pasta Shape for Your Dish (476 words)
  4. Pancetta, Prosciutto, and Other Fine Italian Cured Meats (443 words)
  5. What Is Bucatini? Different Pastas in Italian Food (466 words)
  6. Secrets to Delicious Italian Home Cooking (473 words)
  7. The History of Italian Food (478 words)
  8. The Role of Wine in Italian Cooking (410 words)
  9. The Top Italian Cheeses to Taste and Cook With (404 words)
  10. Understanding The Different Types of Olive Oil (513 words)


Baked Cherry TomatoesBraised Beef Short RibsMozzarella BruschettaTortellini SoupChicken Parmigiana
LasagnaChicken MarsalaFettucine AlfredoItalian Meatballs Creamed SpinachSpaghetti and Meatballs