Chicken Soup & Comfort Food Pack

Chicken Soup & Comfort Food Pack

Nothing says “comfort food” on a cold day like chicken soup.  Your readers will lap up these scrumptious recipes, from learning how to roast their own chicken to making their own homemade butter.

Download ten tasty comfort food recipes and ten professionally written articles. Included in this pack are recipe ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and vivid photos of the process and finished products, including one Pinterest-friendly graphic. Recipe pack costs only $20.

Only 50 of these packs will ever be sold!

38 packs left

Step-by-step recipes including graphics for:

  1. Roasted Chicken (383 words, 4 photos)
  2. Scratch Made Egg Noodles (605 words, 14 photos)
  3. Chicken Soup (545 words, 3 photos)
  4. Dinner Rolls (637 words, 10 photos)
  5. Homemade Butter (357 words, 7 photos)
  6. Beef Stew (362 words, 5 photos)
  7. Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole (428 words, 9 photos)
  8. Meatloaf (779 words, 5 photos)
  9. Potato Cheddar Pierogies (1,141 words, 10 photos)
  10. Pasties (971 words, 13 photos)

Professionally written articles:

  1. Is Chicken Soup Really Good for a Cold and Other Chicken Soup Myths (529 words)
  2. Ideas to Spice Up Your Traditional Chicken Soup (495 words)
  3. Why Is Chicken Soup So Healthy? (524 words)
  4. Common Chicken Soup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (535 words)
  5. How to Add Flavor and Nutrients to Your Traditional Chicken Soup Recipe (518 words)
  6. Tired Of Chicken Soup? Try These Delicious Recipes (558 words)
  7. Chicken Broth, Chicken Stock, Consommé And Bouillon – What’s the Difference? (563 words)
  8. Chicken Soup Around the World (413 words)
  9. Make Your Chicken Soup Timely with These Seasonal Ingredients (438 words)
  10. Tips to Turn Chicken Leftovers into a Delicious Soup (534 words)


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