What is PLR?

What is PLR?

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights” and grants you the right to use content written by someone else as if it were your own.

Basically, the original writer retains ownership and copyright and offers PLR content licenses for purchase. This license then grants certain rights for the use of the content and which typically include things such as:

  • The right to modify or re-write the content any way you like.
  • The right to add your own name as the author.
  • The right to sell or give away the content to others.

Always pay careful attention to the “Terms of Use” section any time you go to purchase a license for Private Label Rights content, because you want to be aware of exactly what you can use the content for.

Generally, you will not be allowed to resell the content as PLR, nor to separate the images from the content and claim them as your own as a separate product for resale. However, most will allow you to use the content in your publications, both offline and online, modified or as-is, as if it was your very own content.

PLR can be a great way to help you supplement your own publication content without investing a lot of money in content writing.  Because the same PLR content is licensed to numerous people, it is much more affordable than hiring a ghostwriter.